My first vacation in Mexico was in Playa del Carmen when it was still a town. As I got older, vacationing in Mexico became a welcome  break. I bought the final years of a timeshare contract in Mazatlan from an uncle and enjoyed the annual get-away. As it expired, I bought a timeshare in a neighbouring resort, then on impulse bought one in another city. Deciding that was too many, I subsequently "consolidated" my holdings into one timeshare in Puerto Vallarta. Except it was scam. The lawyer for the resort said the employees had acted illegally and were no longer with the company. The company was not responsible for any misrepresentations the employees made. A group representing 30 contracts over a ten year period signed by different people conducting the same scam. Always, the company was not aware of what was being done by sales people. 

Mexican authorities have been slow to investigate. A member of our group hired a lawyer to force the Mexican police to investigate but progress in getting the judicial authorities to force the police to act has been slow. The Mexican embassy in Canada has said they would forward documents from Canadians to Mexican federal police for those wanting to to make a criminal complaint. Meanwhile the rest of us have started a civil action. I will post updates to this site. 

Timeshare Owners Call for Investigation of Operations at Grand Miramar

Letter of Mexican ambassador to timeshare scam victims

Response to the Mexican Ambassador to Canada on Prosecuting Timeshare Fraud






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